To set an architectural precedent and to establish an architectural theme within Foxwood, several residential designs have been created and provided by the Foxwood Architectural Review Committee (FARC). These designs have been created by licensed architects and may be available for purchase from the architect. Previous approval of these residential designs for particular home sites does not constitute architectural review and approval for other home sites. Every lot owner is required to submit and comply with the process for architectural approval of the FARC as defined within the Design Handbook for each Village within Foxwood.

Ownership of these residential designs belongs to the original design architect. The display of these plans does not constitute a responsibility or imply an obligation by the original design architect to allow the use of a specific plan. It is the responsibility of the lot owner to contact the original design architect to negotiate the fee to use these plans and comply with all other conditions of architectural review as defined within the Design Handbook of each Village within Foxwood.

Not all residential home designs displayed in the Foxwood Real Estate Sales Office will be allowed to be built on every home site. Each individual home site has its own physical characteristics (i.e. size, setbacks, topography, trees, rock outcroppings, proximity to adjacent homes, etc.) that may warrant a denial by the FARC of a specific plan on a specific home site.

The home designs and colored renderings that are displayed within the Foxwood Real Estate Sales Office have been provided by the FARC to show the general architectural characteristics, colors, and materials expected within Foxwood. These plans have not been approved for any specific home site and the use of any of these plans is subject to the review and approval of the FARC.

Foxwood reserves the right to withdraw the use of these home designs at any time without prior notification.

The information furnished has been obtained from sources Foxwood deems reliable and is submitted subject to errors, omissions and changes. Although Foxwood Almanor LLC has no reason to doubt its accuracy, we do not guarantee it. All information should be verified by the recipient prior to lease, purchase exchange, or execution of legal documents.

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